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Michiko Minimalist (1080p)

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Michiko Minimalist (1080p)

Hello friends, we continue to share wallpapers on our site. I hope you’re happy with our sharing.

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  1. AeroSplinter 1 July 2020

    Alternate Wallpapers:


  2. migraine201 1 July 2020

    Thank you for this. Such an under rated classic anime. Well worth the watch if you like the genre and have not seen it.


  3. acoolrocket 1 July 2020

    Oh damn forgot I got this on my watch list, an anime by the makers of ‘Samurai Champloo’ set in Latin America is just asking for something damn special.

    I’d say this can pass posting here over /r/Animewallpaper because it might be a bit ‘too cool’, but nevertheless see what happens when you post there too.

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