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‘The Witcher’ Breaks Netflix Series Viewership Records

Netflix on Tuesday said *The Witcher* is tracking to be its biggest season one TV series launch ever. Through four weeks of release, 76 million member households watched the fantasy drama.

Below are past Netflix-reported viewing figures for its series. All figures are for four weeks after release date.

*Stranger Things* season three: 64 million views
*The Umbrella Academy* season one: 45 million
*Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)* season three: 44 million
*Sex Education* season one: 40 million
*You* season one: 40 million
*Our Planet*: 33 million
*Unbelievable*: 32 million
*Dead to Me* season one: 30 million
*When They See Us*: 25 million

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